Greetings to everyone.

The Website is yet another step in the efforts to facilitate healthcare delivery to the population by the Dr D Y Patil Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Kadamwadi.

For close to two decades, the hospital has served as a major provider of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare to this part of the country. The Hospital Quality Policy purposes to provide safe, patient-centred care that is comprehensive, affordable, accessible, and equitable. And the hospital continuously delivers on this promise through the dedicated efforts of the doctors, nurses, technical staff and support staff.

The website will serve to disseminate information about the various facilities available in the hospital and the multiple governmental and insurance schemes that are offered for the marginalized and vulnerable populations. It will also inform beneficiaries about the free rural health camps being conducted in and around Kolhapur District to optimize their utilization.

Activities conducted regularly in the hospital such as training of resident doctors and nurses, workshops and conferences, health awareness and education events will find place on the website. These reflect both the commitment to quality, continuous professional development and the engagement with the community for preventive, curative and rehabilitative health.

I congratulate the Website Committee and Core Team who have worked tirelessly to achieve the desired aim in trying times of COVID Pandemic and through the additional duties they had to fulfil.

I wish you the very best.

  • Dr Shimpa Sharma
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor, IQAC Director